Rare Clouds

The following collection of cloud pictures is described in this blog post: Rare Cloud Formations.

MAR 17, 2010 -- Hole punch (line punch) clouds over Wenatchee, Washington.

MAR 15, 2010 -- Hole punch cloud over Wenatchee, Washington.
[link to WenatcheeWorld.com]

The images above and below are lifted from a video taken March 4, 2010
in Guernica, Argentina. The strange cone-shaped cloud rose more than 12 kilometers above the rest of the clouds. From inside this strange formation could be seen large rays and lightening bolts that frightened the spectators. There was no other storm system in the area -- just this cloud, which came down to ground level. This cloud formation followed shortly after the Great 8.8 Chile Quake of Feb 27, 2010. (Image brighted for viewability) [link to YouTube video]

FEB 28, 2010 -- Weather (cloud) circle over Belgium

This and the following picture were taken about an hour before the
5.9 Earthquake in Oaxaca and Mexico, Feb 08, 2010.
[link to source thread]

Taken the day before the Jan 13, 2010 Haiti quake
Source: sler4170@Flikr. (See the original for less pixilation)

2010 -- Punch clouds over Israel, Mexico and Russia (above and below)
[link to YouTube video]

OCT 2009 -- 'Hand of God' clouds form over Bulgaria.
[link to YouTube video]

Rainbow clouds seen just before the 2008 Sichuan quake.
See the video here.