Heirloom & Native Seeds

No matter how well-prepared you may be for the challenging times ahead, if you can't guarantee a long-term supply of healthy food for your family, then you're really not prepared at all. For so many reasons in today's complex world, it's critical that you have a multi-year supply of viable garden seeds on hand.

If our food distribution system should be disrupted long-term for any reason, then you will have two solutions only: rely on the government to take care of you, or maintain your independence by growing your own food. And in fact, our food production and distribution system is vulnerable to problems of many kinds:

  • crop failure due to extreme weather or climate change
  • economic disruption that affects the supply chain, or makes food prohibitively expensive
  • pandemic, making it difficult to produce, deliver, or shop for food
  • acts of terrorism aimed at our commercial seed stocks

And don't be fooled into thinking that high quality vegetable seed will always be readily available. For years now, Monsanto and their friends in high places have been closing in on the seed industry, controlling seed stocks and the farmers who produce them. By forcing farmers to buy their terminator seeds - seeds that won't produce viable seed for the next year's planting - Big Agro aims to force us all to buy their seeds each year, at ever-increasing prices.

The seeds being produced in the laboratories of these industrial demons are not the same as the healthy, viable seed our grandparents used to grow. Instead, they are genetically modified (GMO) and hybridized beyond recognition. Purity and nutritional value are being bred out and replaced with genes that give fruits and vegetables the appearance of freshness. This produce is designed to be chemically treated, irradiated, and parked in a warehouse for long periods before you buy it and feed it to your family. Do you think this situation is going to improve as the economy crumbles?

Over the last year, there has been a tremendous interest in heirloom vegetable seeds - so much so that bulk inventories of some varieties have completely sold out. 4everSeeds.com maintains a steady inventory of dozens of heirloom seed varieties, and is proud to provide customers with some of the highest quality, lowest priced bulk heirloom vegetable seeds available anywhere in the world.

In addition, we've just launched an amazing new collection of perennial fruit and vegetable seeds -- our Field & Forest Wild Foods seeds. This rare collection of pure, native food seeds lets you plant once and harvest forever -- an extremely important addition to your homestead seed stocks. Visit the catalog pages for our Heirloom Vegetable and Field & Forest seed collections by clicking on the boxes below. We ship to customers worldwide!

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