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Our all-natural seeds represent original strains of open-pollination, non-genetically modified, top quality heirloom seed stock. Most of these seeds date back 100 years or more, and have been favorites for generations. Unlike hybrid GMO seeds that are sterile and lack nutrition, our heirloom seeds allow you to save offspring seed for next year's planting. Knowing you'll be able to grow ample food for years to come will become critically important in a world of hungry people.

Our '4Ever Heirloom Seed Collection' includes a carefully chosen selection of 20 varieties, favored for their ease of growing, high production, disease resistance and tolerance. The nutritional value represented in these varieties will ensure a well-balanced, healthy diet for your family, and the collection provides enough seeds for years of healthy food for your family!

Your open-pollinated, non-GMO heirloom seed collection includes 7,000 seeds - that's 1,000 more seeds than our closest competitor offers for the same price! (Approx. $136 USD)

Moneymaker Tomato - (Lycopersicum esculentum) - An old English variety, this heirloom tomato is very vigorous and productive. A vine variety, it produces clusters of 4-6 oz. globes with excellent sweet flavor. The Moneymaker is an indeterminant tomato, which means the fruits don't set all at once, giving you a much longer harvest time. 90 days.

Amish Deer Tongue Lettuce - (Lactuca sativa) - Also known as Matchless lettuce, this variety dates back to the 1740s. Called 'deer tongue' for its pointed leaves, the wonderfully tasty baby leaves are perfect for salads. Mature dark green triangular leaves are pleasantly sharp, have a lovely texture, and cover a crunchy inner heart. Heat tolerant, so less prone to bolting. 31 days.

Salad Bowl Lettuce - (Lactuca sativa) - This early variety produces very flavorful green leaf lettuce, and is a long provider. As outer leaves are picked, the inner leaves keep producing. Ideal for hot weather as it is slow to bolt. Long-lasting once cut. Excellent for salads and garnishes. 44 days.

Bloomsdale Savoy Spinach - (Spinacia oleracea) - A great tasting heirloom spinach with thick, succulent, dark-green savoyed or crumpled leaves that are very sweet in salads or cooked. Best planted in early spring and fall. If fall-planted, it will winter over and produce much earlier than if it is spring-planted. Late plantings also perfect for winter eating. 50 days.

Super Cress Micro Greens - (Lepidium sativum) - Heirloom cress has arrived in the 21st century, joining a new genre of healthy foodstuffs called 'micro greens'. Harvested very young, these delicate cress plants give you tremendous nutrition and explosive bursts of flavor, and take only a few days to grow! Great in salads or juiced. Grow indoors or out.

French Breakfast Radish - (Raphanus sativus) - Beautiful red tops and white blunt tips make this popular heirloom radish very recognizable. Grows 5cm (2") long, perfect for munching and slicing. Just the right amount of 'bite'. Grows vigorously from spring through summer, with large healthy tops. 25-30 days.

Imperator Carrots - (Daucus carota) - A much-loved danvers type carrot, with deep-orange taper and a rounded blunt end. Produces good sized carrots, smooth and fine grained, seven to nine inches in length. Excellent storage variety, and wonderful sweet taste eaten raw. 75 days.

Tendersweet Carrots - (Daucus carota) - Produces a 10" long flavorful and coreless carrot. A reliable producer and always tender. This variety holds the color during cooking, and is excellent for freezing or canning.. 70 days.

Ruby Queen Red Beets - (Beta vulgaris) - Early, round, smooth-skinned beets are exceptionally tender. Ringless and deep red, the Ruby Queen retains color through processing. Freshly dug beets have a buttery-sweet flavor, and the young, green tops are delicious and nutritious. Good in poor soils, uniform with fine quality. 52 days.

Catskill Brussel Sprouts - (Brassica oleracea) - Once the most widely grown brussels sprout in the U.S.! 20-24" plants produce a heavy set (50 to 100) of small dark green heads, 1 inch diameter, over an extended season. If cloched or protected, will produce right through the winter. Excellent choice for preserving and freezing. 80-115 days.

Copenhagen Cabbage - (Brassica oleracea) - Produces good yields of 3 lb cabbages that are very flavorful and tender. Heads rarely burst. Medium size cabbage is perfect for smaller home gardens. Keeps firm when processed, making it great for canning. Introduced by H. Hartman & Company in 1909. 63 days.

Snowball Cauliflower - (Brassica oleracea) - Produces very flavorful medium-sized heads of pure white cauliflower. This is a self-blanch variety as the leaves curl around heads protecting them from sun and pests. A very good quality for the home garden and market grower. 80 days.

Long Green Ridge Cucumber - (Cucumis sativus) - This heirloom cuke is the perfect size for slicing or salads, and wonderful when fine chopped into sweet relish. Produces a heavy crop of medium-length fruits (6-8 inch) with a wonderful crisp taste. Keep picking the fruits, and the vines will produce continuously through the season. 65 days.

Alaska Bush Peas - (Pisum sativum) - One of the earliest peas, the Alaska produces an abundant yield of medium-sweet green peas. Vines go 2 feet tall. An excellent canning variety. Grow well in cool soils. Introduced in 1881 in England. Dry in 80 days for soups, storage. 55 days.

Little Marvel Peas - (Pisum sativum) - A favorite for many years! This space-saving semi-dwarf sets huge yields of dark green 3-inch pods with 6-9 large, sweet peas. Thrives in the cool temperatures of spring and fall. Holds well on the vine, so picking time isn't as critical. Great for freezing. 62 days.

Black Valentine Bean - (Phaseolus vulgaris ) - This bush bean variety produces high yields of flavorful 6" long light green beans. Grown for fresh green snap beans and dried soup beans. The pods are slender and stringless and the dry seeds are jet black. Introduced in 1897. 70 days.

Jacob's Cattle Bean - (Phaseolus vulgaris) - Also known as the 'trout bean' or 'forellen', this German heirloom is relatively sweet with a distinctive flavor. Holds its shape, so a great soup or baking bean. A moderately productive bush variety, it matures quickly and is pest resistant. Also great as a fresh shell bean. Particularly easy to digest. 90 days.

Cranberry Beans - (Phaseolus vulgaris) - Theseshell beans are cream-colored with red streaks and have a delicious nutlike flavor, reminiscent of chestnuts. Must be shelled before cooking. Famous for their creamy texture in soups. Beautiful for canning and freezing. 95 days.

Hales's Best Melon - (Citrullus lanatus) - This widely popular muskmelon combines excellent flavor with earliness. The beautiful oval melon has deep green skin with golden netting. The flesh is an appealing salmon color, aromatic and very sweet. 80 days.

Crimson Sweet Watermelon - (Citrullus lanatus) - Produces good yields of 25 lb. round watermelons with beautiful light and dark green striped rind. Flesh is deep red and very sweet. Bottom side of watermelon turns from white to cream as it matures. Perfect for backyard and market growers. 85 days.

Substitutions may apply if our inventory of a variety is temporarily depleted. But you will always receive the full 7,000 heirloom seeds!



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