Join the 4everSeeds Alliance

There are many ways you can join us, and participate in activities with us at Our Spin Up and Earth Arts sections are nearly complete, and will offer a wealth of information you can read and listen to. An interactive Blog and audio chat service are coming soon. In the meantime, stay tuned to our food news updates on the Heirloom Seeds page.

We encourage you to join the 4Ever Outfitters Affiliate program today! We've made it easy for you to post a banner ad on your website, or add a text link to emails and documents, so you can receive a 10% commission on any sales that 'click through' to our storefront by way of your links. Seed sales are so brisk today that with a little effort, you can generate a full-time income simply by promoting your 4everSeeds banners online.

You can also join as a Wild Foods seed producer, and earn a good income by selling seeds back to us. Send us an email at to ask about how the program works.

Stay tuned for upcoming Homesteader charter bus tours by visiting our Homesteader Holidays page.

Most importantly - keep coming back! Stay tuned to The 4Ever Times for regular news updates on issues that will seriously affect us all.