Affiliate Banners - choose one... or several!

4Ever Outfitters Affiliates are invited to select from a great collection of banner ads, in various sizes and shapes. If you need a specific size ad to fit a tight space on your site, feel free to email us with special requests, and we'll be happy to make a custom-fit banner for you.

All you need to do is save the banner(s) you want to use by right clicking and hitting "Save Image As", then upload the banner to your website. Next, add an HTML tag to your webpage containing your personal Affiliates code. When your visitors click on the banner, it will link them to the 4Ever Outfitters catalog, carrying your unique identifier along with them.

When you signed up for an Affiliates account with us (see instructions), our system immediately assigned your unique code. To retrieve your code at any time, simply log into your Affiliates account page. The code is located just to the right of the "Contact" information section, to the right of the bold header, "Link URL". It's a very long code string, so be sure you scroll right and grab all the characters. This is the link you'll put under your banner, using an HTML tag. If you need assistance embedding the tag, let us know and we'll walk you through it.

To test and make sure your link is working properly, just click on your banner once its 'live' on your webpage. It will take you into the 4Ever Outfitters storefront. Now look at the web address in your browser, and you'll see that the URL includes your Affiliate logon nickname. That means you're good to go! Log into your Affiliates page anytime to see the status of your earned commissions.

Click on each of following three banners for a full page of different sized banners in these styles: