Building sustainable communities, one garden at a time!

Wishing to prepare for future challenges - whether they come in the form of economic meltdown, pandemics, severe weather, earth changes, social chaos or geo-political threats - 4everSeeds is combining forces with friends and partners around the world who are working to ensure safe passage for themselves, their families and their communities through turbulent times.

4everSeeds is much more than a company selling garden seeds -- we're a social networking organization, working to establish a cohesive alliance of intentional communities and homesteading enclaves across North America.

We place particular emphasis on the need to ensure a healthy, safe, and abundant food supply for all. We promote the use of non-GMO heirloom and native seeds, and spread the word about issues that affect our ability to grow and have access to wholesome food. We encourage a mood of 'simple living, high thinking' that begins with love of God, and naturally flows into sustainable practices that care for all living entities and the earth that supports them.

Many people today have a great interest in connecting with like-minded individuals and families who live, or are preparing to live more independent, sustainable lifestyles. Both in the city and the country, many such communities are already well established. 4everSeeds is organizing various programs to put interested people in touch with established communities who may be looking for new members, or who are simply willing to share their knowledge, experience and resources in preparedness and homesteading.

Intentional Community Tours

We operate a charter coach service, Sage Coachlines, offering various tour packages for those interested in exploring homesteading and off-grid living. The Sage Coach transports guests on several uniquely packaged tour holidays, visiting intentional and homesteading communities throughout the Pacific Northwest. Our charter packages deliver experiences that are educational, recreational, and inspirational for the entire family. Read more about our 'Homesteader Holiday' tours.

Your 4ever Seed Bank

4everSeeds provides gardeners and homesteaders worldwide with a great collection of heirloom and native seeds. Our 4ever Heirloom Vegetable Collection delivers 7,000 open-pollination, non-GMO heirloom garden seeds that will ensure healthy food for your family for many years to come.

Our new Field & Forest Wild Food Seeds is an exceptional collection of rare perennial fruit and vegetable seeds that are native forest varieties. These seeds are hand-harvested on private lands by professional herbalists who are expert wildcrafters. Plant our Wild Food Seeds as part of your home landscaping arrangement, in your vegetable garden, or in a nearby forest spot, and every year thereafter your private garden will grow healthy, beautiful perennial fruits and vegetables. Best of all, the Field & Forest varieties will grow and thrive unattended -- as they have for centuries in meadows and woodlands worldwide.

Cultivated along with our traditional Heirloom Garden vegetables, these Field & Forest perennials will greatly enhance your family's food production plan, further increasing the nutritional value and adding amazing, fresh flavors to your favorite dishes. On top of that, many of the varieties in our Forest Perennials collection are also well known for being important herbal remedies.

Don't delay in visiting our 4everSeeds Catalog and placing your order. Since 2008, there has been a far greater demand on the available inventory of heirloom vegetable seeds, as more and more people wake up to the importance of being able to guarantee their own healthy food supply. At various points over the last two years, some heirloom vegetable varieties have been completely unavailable at anything but high retail prices. From this point on, demand for heirloom seeds will only increase, so take advantage of these economical, pure-food seed collections today!